The Asado Barbecue

By Black Forge BBQs

The most recent addition to our range of barbecues is ‘The Asado’, - very much based on an Argentine style of BBQ whereby the Grill can be raised or lowered above the fire via a cranked handle while the grill bars being ‘V’ shaped collect most of the fat from the cooked meat and channel it away from the cooking area. This barbecue is identical in most of its proportions and built quality to our Barrel barbecue and a fully comprehensive photoshoot will be being done and replace the photos below soon

We have also been contacted by several interested customers requesting personalisation and variations on this theme, for example, included below is a proposed sketch for one of these which will be being produced in time to display at Chelsea Flower Show 2016. This particular barbecue will be substantially larger and even heavier duty construction than the rest of our barbecues and come with a fire-brick lined fire pit and a designated log burning ‘settle’ alongside to allow regular refuelling of the fire. POA.

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