Stainless Steel Barbecues

Here at The Stainless Steel Barbecue Company, we specialise in the design, manufacture and commissioning of charcoal fired, stainless steel barbecues and grills. Our own ‘Ultimate’ range of barbecues, all possess unique, functional design features and an unsurpassed build quality.

We adopt a philosophy that is radically different from the majority of the outdoor cooking world's move towards the over complication of barbecues and barbecuing, by designing and manufacturing user friendly, multi functional, heavy duty, charcoal burning, stainless steel barbecue grills that are simple to use, beautifully engineered and engineered to be beautiful.

Browsing through our barbecue website we hope you will appreciate how our approach is both different, yet practical. Suitable for both beginner and professional alike.

Firstly, we believe in the design and manufacture of obsolescence proof barbecues that will last a lifetime of barbecuing. Exclusively handmade out of top quality, heavy gauge, rust free, stainless steel. Our barbecues are immediately unique in that our heavy duty models are guaranteed for life! This makes your purchase both a sound financial and environmental investment.

The secondary unique feature is the actual convenience of being able to nonchalantly swivel the cooking grills on or off the heat and raise them up or down to accommodate different cooking styles and temperature requirements. This we believe, enables you the chef to routinely create excellent barbecued food in an uncomplicated, non stressful manner, while deriving maximum enjoyment from the use of your barbecue and appreciating doing so in the great outdoors, ideally in the convivial company of chosen friends and family.

Thirdly, with the ability to leave our stainless steel barbecues outside for many years without fear of rust or deterioration, we have created our barbecues to be things of beauty. Our customer feedback regularly includes an appreciation of how contemporarily sculpted and stylish their barbecue looks, so removing the obligation to move it back into the garden shed, or even cover it up after use.

Our range of exclusively charcoal fuelled stainless steel barbeque grills all provide a relaxing and satisfying approach to barbecuing sadly missing in most of today's unnecessarily complicated alternatives, many of which would be better described as outdoor kitchens, rather than barbecues.

Here at The Stainless Steel Barbecue Company we believe our range of barbecues will provide you with the real 'barbecuing as it ought to be' experience, with good quality charcoal creating real fire, for cooking real food, for real barbecuing satisfaction.

Finally, our unique approach to barbecue design regularly creates a very close association between ourselves and you the customer. As a small, specialist barbecue design and manufacturing business we maintain contact with both enquirers and existing owners, often for many years. The appeal of our barbecues is both enduring and ecological.

We are not a faceless, web only, ecommerce run conglomerate so please feel free to contact us either by email or telephone to discuss your personal requirements.