Asado Barbecues

By Black Forge BBQs

The most recent addition to our range of barbecues is 'Asado Barbecue' Designs, - very much based on an Argentine style of BBQ whereby the Grill can be raised or lowered above the fire via a cranked handle while the grill bars being the more popular, solid round bars, which are seen on most of our barbecues, or the concept of using ā€˜Vā€™ shaped/grooved bar which collect most of the fat from the cooked meat and channel it away from the cooking area. Over the years we have made many varying styles of Asado barbecues, and as all our work is entirely handmade, we enjoy working with the customer to create your own, perfect Asado.

Below is a selection of the barbecues designs we have manufactured and delivered to customers, all of which vary in the size and design. - We have not yet launched an official 'Asado' product as most customers enjoy working with us personally in creating their own barbecue.

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