The Barrel Barbecue

By Black Forge BBQs

The Stainless Steel Barrel Barbecue

Many is the time we have listened to happy reminiscences about an old forty five gallon oil barrel based barbecue. Roughly home made, uncontrollable, rusty, black, greasy and less than hygienic. Yet the memories it re-kindles are always of good times with good friends, good food and probably a good few drinks! It satisfied that hunter-gatherer, meat and fire urge in a way that today's high tech, sterile barbecues cannot.

Combine the traditional simplicity of an oil barrel barbecue with a touch more versatility in the form of two grills, adjustable through three levels. Add the Black Forge post and swivel pins concept. Dispense with rust by making the entire barbecue out of heavy gauge stainless steel and you have the Black Forge Barrel.

Offering 50% more cooking area than the Ikon, it is consequently the choice of traditionalists, caterers and those with lots of hungry friends!

The Stainless Steel Barrel BBQ

The Barrel as shown consists of:

- 1/2 barrel base with 2 x side swivel pins (optional), back post with 4 x swivel pins and full width bottom shelf (optional). All professionally tig welded as a complete construction.

- 2 x grills 46cm x 46cm

- 2 x charcoal trays

- The 1 x back post has 4 x swivel pins, with 2 height cooking levels for pans and extras (optional).

- 1 x 14" diameter frying pan

- 2 x removable grease catching trays

- Stainless steel throughout

- 2 x wheels

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From £2,895.00

Technical Specifications:

- All components are fabricated from 304 grade rust free, stainless steel

- Weight of standard assembly above - 40kg

- Top Post - 60mm. diam. x 3m. wall thickness with 6 x front pins and 3 x rear pins. All turned down solid round bar from 25m mount to 15mm. pin diam.

- Main bowl - 610mm. diam. X 5mm. thick one piece, spun construction.

- Charcoal Tray - 600mm. diam. x 4mm. thick base with optimum air flow holes, peripheral expansion slots, expansion allowing central dividing bar and 'clean lift' handles.