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The Barrel - Accessories

The Barrel barbecue, throughout our website has been photographed, occasionally, with additional extras. All our standard barbecues are supplied with the components listed under their description. However, a wide range of optional extras are available which allow total customisation to your barbecuing needs, plus the ability to add on to your standard barbecue at the time of order or at a later date. As manufacturers, we also offer a repair or replacement service if required.

All listed extras below are suitable for the Barrel Barbecue, with corresponding prices.

Remember, we make our barbecues and accessories by hand, so if you have your own idea or design, then get in touch – we will make it for you!

Kebab Rack for Barrel Barbecue 1
Kebab Rack

A barbecue favourite, but with all grills, most of the skewer's contents usually get left stuck to the bars! Our solution is a square frame with grooves and holes to securely locate four skewers which can be freely rotated for non-stick and even cooking. A simple solution to a frustrating problem that works!


Solid Base 'Griddle' for Barrel Barbecue 1

Same size and shape as the standard square cooking grills for symmetry and interchangeability, but with a very heavy gauge, solid stainless steel base for cooking onions, tomatoes, skinny sausages etc. or, even your breakfast bacon and eggs.


Swivelling side trays for extra storage on the Barrel Barbecue 1
Side Trays

A very popular barrel accessory, they come as a pair and great for some extra food storage space if required, they can swivel out, and look great too.


Shallow Tray for Barrel Barbecue 1 - Can be used instead of 'Side Trays'
Shallow Tray

A swivelling shallow pan suitable for cooking, keeping food warm, drinks and condiments tray. Remember, your standard Barrel already comes complete with 1 x shallow tray


The 'Do-It-All' 'Doobrie' for the Barrel Barbecue 1

Our most popular extra at time of order – it’s a sort of swivelling multi-purpose tray / holder / hook 'thingy' for utensils, oven gloves, tea towels, kitchen roll dispensing, chefs private drinks tray etc.


Wok Ring to simply hold a wok for the Barrel Barbecue 1
Wok Ring

A larger than household size, stainless steel wok ring. Great for stir fried vegetables, rice, paella, boiling, vegetables etc. Wok not included.


The Barrel comes with two, but why not another
Extra Grill

The standard Barrel comes complete with 2 x cooking grills, however, if you feel you can manage three (or four!) on the go, then get another!


Keep the dust off with a cover for the Barrel Barbecue

Waterproof polyester cover (you don’t need it, but can help keep everything tidy and dust free.


Stainless Steel BBQ Utensils for the Barrel Barbecue

High quality, stainless steel barbecue utensils


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